Coffee cart questions answered on one simple page.

Cafe in a Box  is commited to the service of amazing coffee and fine teas to delegates and guests that
know what a good drop is, at conferences and corporate events right across Australia.

Here are some handy tips and on how to make the most of Cafe in a Box at your next
corporate function, trade show, boardroom meeting, conference, product launch or even a staff incentive day.

What beans are in your blend of coffee ?
We have our own custom blend, however if you really really like a certain coffee then we can track it down for you.

Can "Cafe in a Box" travel interstate ?
Yes, we can travel interstate. We often have a job in Sydney one day and interstate the next.

How do you get the coffee equipment from state to state ?
As our system is stored in road cases, it's easy to fork straight on and off an interstate freight truck.

What is on your menu ?
We can make any cafe style drinks. Cappuccino to Chai Latte and the rest. We got the lot covered.

I can see in your photo gallery that the coffee carts are different colours, can I choose what colour it will be ?
Yes you can. We have a number of different coloured skirts in stock. 

Can you supply custom printed coffee cups ?
In one word, YES !

Would your staff mind wearing a sponsors uniform?
Not a problem. We often wear sponsors' promo t-shirts / aprons.


Do you do private parties / events ?
No, we only attend corporate events.

Can you come to my school fete and profit share with the school ?
At this stage in our business we only provide a catered service for corporate events.

Would you hire your "Cafe in a Box" system without a barista ?
This is a service we do not offer. All our coffee carts come fully staffed and stocked.

Can I join "Cafe in a Box" ?
We are keen to chat to anyone in Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart.